At the moment, twenty planning and developer consortia are showcasing ideas for the design of several pilot areas of 100-135 ha each.
As part of a team led by one of the largest developers in Russia, – PIK, we conducted a multi-stage social survey in Kuzminki district to identify the unique and most-needed functions of the future neighbourhood, and the existing socio-economic risks and challenges. Over 300 residents were involved in either short surveys or extended interviews.While over 70% of respondents are currently satisfied with local commercial, transport and educational infrastructure, around 60% question the quietness and security of the neighbourhood and feel the lack of entertainment opportunities. Even though 65% of residents would be happy to continue living in Kuzminki, traffic congestion, growing numbers of migrants and insufficient maintenance of public areas are causes for concern.
The survey results and international benchmark analysis of planning solutions for mixed-income and ethnically mixed communities were integrated into PIK’s design proposals.
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