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2021 - 2022
Bostanlyk district
Toshkentbosh - planLITI
The transport hub “Gate of Charvak” became the main object of development. This project proposes the restoration of the railway station “Chinor” from the direction of Tashkent, the creation of a bus station from which tourists can get to Yusufkhona, and a rental service for electric vehicles operating on the territory of the Charvak STZ.
Ecology is the crucial part for the development of STZ Charvak. The development of an eco-framework and a linear circular park formed the basis of the planning structure of the territory. The Chirchik River is ringed by a well-maintained embankment with an annular bicycle and pedestrian path and green spaces. The project proposes the use of the embankment as a multifunctional tourist attraction, where lots are formed for commercial, tourist and administrative purposes.
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