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2021 - 2022
Bostanlyk district
Toshkentbosh - planLITI
On the territory of Yusufkhona, priority is given to environmentally friendly transport. Two local hubs and the arrangement of stopping points using solar panels are also being formed. The coastal hub is lo- cated in the center of the Yusufkhony village, creat- ing a developed tourist infrastructure around it.
The transport system is supported by the idea of creating integrated public transport routes to connect social infrastructure, “Yusufkhona” hub and existing ski resorts.
The project forms large hotel lots, overlooking the first coastline of the Charvak reservoir, through which a single bicycle and pedestrian route stretch- es, thereby increasing the permeability and con- nectivity of the territory.
The green frame of Yusufkhona is based on the preservation of existing green areas and is aimed at restoring the ecosystem of the already steppe mountainous terrain, which was disturbed by local shepherds - herds trampled the existing green for- ests and meadows. Thus, the project provides for the planting of trees along mountain rivers and the hotel lots being formed, the creation of eco-parks and the inclusion of agricultural gardens in the eco-framework of the territory.
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