IAT for London
Open and data-driven approach to urban development
About our project
The Infrastructure Accessibility Index - IAT© highlights areas with ample services and easy pedestrian access to different types of infrastructure. IAT© is based on the "15-minute city" idea, which says that all important facilities and services for urban dwellers should be easily accessible within a 15-minute timeframe. We assess infrastructure accessibility by surveying the facilities reachable within 15 minutes on foot, by car and by public transport.
IAT© for urban planning
IAT© can be integrated into existing urban planning systems in order to assess urban policy implementation and formulate place-specific development programs. IAT© assessment corresponds with the London Plan objectives, but provides a more precise picture than existing tools. The objectives stated in the London Plan fall in line with our proposed IAT©: prioritising development of areas with higher accessibility levels and better ecologic situation.
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